Quality Management Systems Certified Contractor

Customers need to be assured that when a company takes on a contract the work will be completed as agreed and with a high level of professionalism and customer service. Furthermore the work will be undertaken by skilled and qualified staff to complete the job.

The programme is a template to run a modern painting contracting business in 21st century New Zealand. It has been designed to maximise efficiencies of all Master Painters New Zealand affiliated members, by insuring that their business systems align with best industry practices and regulatory standards. This programme is about managing your business systems with the same attention to detail that you apply to your application processes.

This is a business management system for painting contractors by painting contractors. The manual has been formulated so it is easy to follow and not overly complex. It has been put together by a panel of senior painting contractors from across New Zealand and takes advantage of their years of experience working across all aspects of the Painting Industry.

We currently have over 30 companies that have either completed or are completing the programme. They range from some of our smallest member companies of 4-8 staff through to the firms who are among the largest employers of painters in NZ. The companies that have completed the programme have all reported an increase in efficiency, a more systemised way of dealing with their administration as well as highlighting deficiencies in their business management systems.

Companies have many reasons for becoming involved in the programme. Some are looking for a template to grow their existing business, others are just looking to systemise their business to make more time for themselves and others see it as a way of maximising value in their business for the day when they wish to sell the business.


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