Is your painter certified to safely remove dangerous lead based coatings from your home?

If your home was built prior to 1980 it is highly likely that the paint coatings used contain dangerous lead particles. These lead coatings when sanded and/ or scraped in preparation for new paint can have a serious impact on your families health and the environment. It is important your painting contractor is a Lead Based Paints Accredited Contractor. This means he has attended a MPA authorised Lead management course and has shown they know how to safely manage the removal of lead based coatings.

The use of lead based paints on New Zealand buildings, a practice common until the 1980's, has left a legacy of problems for those involved in repainting and redecorating. Most pre 1970 homes can be assumed to contain lead based paint. This may have been covered over by more recent decoration. The risk is usually negligible unless paintwork is an advanced state of deterioration or inappropriate methods are used to remove paint.

Lead is a highly toxic and accumulative poison. It can cause prolonged toxic effects that may be acute (after intense exposure) or chronic (from ongoing low exposure). Lead from paint is mainly taken into the body by inhalation of dust or fumes, or by eating paint fragments or contaminated materials.

Early stages of lead poisoning are similar to the flu. Symptoms may be vague and might include vomiting, stomach pains, headaches, poor appetite, irritability, constipation and difficulty sleeping. Medical advice should be sought if there is any concern about lead poisoning, as it can lead to serious health problems and may result in death. Children, especially pre schoolers, and animals are particularly at risk from lead poisoning because they may swallow bits of of paint that contain lead particles or soil that has been contaminated.

A lead Management certified Registered Master Painter understands the dangers of dealing with this highly toxic material and has systems and measures in place to safely remove and dispose of the old lead coatings.

Protect your family, property and the environment when repainting your home and only use a Registered Master Painter that is Lead Paint Management certified by Master Painters NZ Association.

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