Master Painters New Zealand Code of Practice

Each firm in membership of a Master Painters New Zealand Affiliate Association shall subscribe to and be bound by the terms of this Code of Practice. This Code establishes standards for the conduct of, and the work undertaken by, such member firms so as to raise the status of Painting and Decorating Contractors and improve their trade relationships with both private and industry clients.

  1. Each member firm of an affiliated association shall, in all senses and at all times observe a high standard of commercial honesty and transparency in dealing with clients.
  2. It is expected that a member's behaviour and commercial integrity will be of a standard that does not, at any time, bring the Association or its members into disrepute.
  3. Each member will have a fully functioning Health and Safety Policy and systems that align with this. Where a member contracts out work to another party, they must also have a clear understanding of the Health and Safety practices of said contractors.
  4. Each member firm shall submit a written quotation for work to be undertaken, unless:
    1. The work is of such a nature as to preclude the submission of a written quotation. In such cases it could be pointed out to the client that it would be to the advantage of both parties if the work were to be carried out on a day to day basis.
    2. In the event of such a case prior to commencement of any work, the client should be informed of day work rates for labour and material, day work sheets and/or fully costed time sheets should be presented to the client if so required.
    3. A member firm is under no obligation to submit a quotation merely for establishing the value of an insurance or other claim, but if a quotation is submitted for such a purpose, a fee may be charged.
    4. Any quotation submitted shall be fair to both parties and shall be such as to yield a reasonable profit for a fair job.
  5. A member firm shall so conduct its business that all work shall be executed by competent workers and apprentices under proper supervision.
  6. A member firm shall arrange and at all times maintain adequate insurance cover in respect of public liability risks i.e. enough to cover the size of the contracts the member undertakes. A copy of said cover will be filed with the Association upon request.
  7. A member firm, if so requested, shall make recommendations as to the material to be used; such materials to be of good quality and fit for the purpose of the product and said products shall be used in accordance with the maker's recommendations.
  8. A member shall always recommend to the client a method of treatment which will give a good and lasting job. When asked to recommend a specification, a firm shall recommend one which shall be adequate for its purpose. The AUS/NZ Standard 2311:2017 should be used as the basis of any specification.
  9. The attention of the client or their representation shall be drawn to any apparent shortcomings which exist in a specification. When working to a specification, the terms thereof shall be faithfully carried out. No responsibility will be accepted for work which the client has requested to be carried out in direct conflict with the firm's professional advice.
    1. In such a situation it is essential to obtain the clients' acknowledgement in writing that they have issued said instruction, contrary to advise given.
  10. A member firm shall not comment on the work or the fees charged by another Member unless called to do so under responsibilities held through the Association. This being the case, they shall endeavour to obtain all facts and present their findings fairly, impartially and without bias.
  11. A member firm ought not to be expected to rectify matters which are not its responsibility, without financial compensation.
  12. However, if a member contracts out work to another party it needs to be clearly understood that should a workmanship matter not be rectified satisfactorily by said contractor/s then it is the member's responsibility to ensure that this occurs.
  13. One member shall not supersede another member on any job except by agreement. Should agreement not be possible, the matter in dispute could be referred to an arbitrator.
  14. Advertising by members shall be truthful and shall not express or imply criticism of another member or members.
  15. In the case of a complaint by a client regarding inferior workmanship, the member concerned shall agree to have the claim investigated by his local association or parties appointed by the Association and agree to abide by its decision.
  16. In respect to the Associations Workmanship Warranty a member will fully comply with all rules and guidelines issued from time to time by Master Painters Services Limited.
  17. It is expected that all members will offer the Residential Workmanship Warranty to all clients whether carrying out new or rework if the value of said work exceeds $7,500 incl GST.
  18. The warranty is to be offered for Exterior and Interior work where it meets this criteria.
  19. The client has the option to decline this offer. Should this be the case then this needs to be recorded in writing as part of the contract documents.
  20. In the case of my resignation from the membership, I acknowledge that this must be in writing and that I am responsible for all fees and dues up until such time as this has been received.

As a member of a Master Painters New Zealand Affiliated Association I/we acknowledge that I/we have read, understand and will abide by this Code of Practice. For existing members payment of membership subscriptions is considered as acceptance of the terms and conditions laid out in this Code.


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