The Paintercraft Trust gives newly qualified apprentice painters with potential an insight into running their own business. Pictured is the 2018 intake with Master Painters executives Ash Leatherby and Phil Wilkinson.

PainterCraft Trust

The Trust was established over 50 years ago by Lewis Berger and since that time has continued to provide business management training to recently qualified trades persons as well as "Masters" advanced training to business managers and owners.

These programmes are fully endorsed and supported by the Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc.

How is it funded

The Trust is now fully funded by Dulux through the industry support and use of its Dulux Professional and British Trade Paint products and is unique within the building related Trades in New Zealand, as an industry based training programme.

What is taught

A range of specialists present each session covering subjects that include:

  • Present and future trends in the paint industry
  • The role of the architect within the industry
  • Industrial relations, employment obligations
  • Management of a painting contracting unit
  • Colour and its use within the industry

If you would like any more information on the course please contact Master Painters New Zealand Association Inc., P O Box 40355, Upper Hutt 5140 or telephone 04-472 5870.


To begin an apprenticeship a training agreement is signed between yourself, your employer and the BCITO – the Industry Training Organisation for our industry. The training agreement outlines the individual roles that you, your employer and BCITO will have in the training process.

Apprenticeships vary in length depending on the type of painting and decorating you wish to specialise in. As a guide an apprenticeship will typically take three years to complete.

You will receive most of your training in the workplace by working alongside a tradesperson. In addition you will be required to study resources books provided by the BCITO and attend a block course, usually once a year, at an accredited provider.

For help finding an apprenticeship in painting and decorating, complete a work profile at BCITO may be able to put you in touch with employers looking for apprentices. Click on the links in the right hand column to register as an employer or potential apprentice.

Future Opportunities

Stage One

A qualified painter will have all the tools to procure a good wage and will be in line, after suitable work experience, to become a foreman or supervisor.
All qualified apprentices can apply to attend a sponsored Masters Course which will give them information about running a painting business including costing, measuring, staff management, employment relations and health and safety.

Stage Two

After gaining experience of running small to progressively larger projects within an established company, the opportunity to run your own business is possible.

The Master Painters Association is able to assist you by giving you support, networking with other painters, receiving up to date info and legislation, and giving you group scheme value added deals.

With an ongoing Continued Professional Develop (CPD) Programme the opportunities for a financially rewarding and professional career are limitless.


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