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Master Painters is the national representative body for the painting industry and is now 100 Years old, with many affiliated regions serving their communities for in excess of 120 years.

Today Master Painters New Zealand has grown to have 13 member associations throughout the country. 

Master Painters are constantly working hard to build the value and recognition of the Master Painters logo and the image of the organisation so that consumers can have complete confidence and trust in member companies that are associated with them.

Master Painters is represented on the NZ Specialist Trade Contractors Federation, the New Zealand Paintercraft Trust, AUSAE, Standards New Zealand and the BCITO. Master Painters also works closely with Inland Revenue Department, the Labour Inspectorate, Site Safe and Work Safe NZ. These ties enable them to maintain an open line of communication on behalf of their members, and improve industry standards for all.

When you are looking at hiring a business to do painting and decorating work, your first choice for peace of mind and quality workmanship should be a Master Painter. Master Painters members also offer a 5 year workmanship warranty* available for all new and rework on Residential Dwellings.

* Warranty is an optional item with Terms and Conditions that are outlined on the MPA website.


Member benefits of being a Master Painters New Zealand is a good business decision that will well and truly cover your annual subscription and save you significant amounts of money.

It will also help generate new business by sharing in significant national and regional promotional campaigns aimed at specifiers and consumers.

We are also constantly building value into the logo and image of the organisation that will give consumers confidence and trust in member companies that are associated with us.

Master Painters promotes excellence and pride within the trade through initiatives such as the annual New Zealand Master Painter of the Year awards in partnership with our principal sponsor Dulux.
Join your local Association today through your website contact list.


Joining Master Painters New Zealand gives you a distinct business advantage.

  • You have the credibility of a national brand behind you.
  • There is an extensive referral service for new work.
  • You can make savings by buying in bulk and, for example, having access to cheaper fuel.
  • You receive regular news affecting the trade and the monthly Painters and Decorators e-magazine.
  • You have the opportunity to mix with others in the industry and share knowledge.
  • There are comprehensive training and apprenticeship programmes.
  • And you have a disputes committee that, for a small fee, negotiates contentious issues on your behalf. Instead of the costly and time-consuming option of going it alone.

To become a member or to find out more, please contact your local office or email nationaloffice@masterpainters.org.nz


Use the Master Painter Services five year guarantee as added value when quoting a job and provide peace of mind for your customers. Only available to Master Painters to use.

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