2021 5-Year Workmanship Guarantee (Conditions Apply)

From April 2021, Master Painters Services is offering homeowners a written five-year workmanship guarantee when they hire a Master Painter and choose to use one of the Approved Product Lines.

If your project meets the condition of being an Owner Occupied Residential Repaint then, providing that the payment conditions have been met, then cover is automatic from date of practical completion. The cover comes into effect if your contractor is no longer trading for any reason, to the value of the contract, or $15,000.00 inc. GST, whichever is the lesser. Ask your contractor for the completion certificate with your final payment.

For the other products, a guide to what your options are is included on this site. Simply ask your contractor to complete the Guarantee Application Form and forward it to Master Painters Services for acceptance, prior to commencement of any work.

Under the guarantees, if your contractor is no longer trading then Master Painters Services will ensure that any workmanship defects discovered within five years of completion are remedied up to the values stated in the terms and condition of the product. Contact Master Painters Services or Master Painters Members please visit the members area of this site.

The key point of difference to a contractors legal responsibilities, is that, should your contractor cease trading for any reason, the workmanship is still covered by this document.

About the Guarantee (simplified summary of terms):

  • The Guarantee is automatic for Residential Rework Owner Occupied work, up to $15,000.  Whereas the other products must be applied for, and accepted by MPS, prior to commencement of the work.
  • The full documentation is available for members of Master Painters New Zealand in the members only section of this website.
  • Master Painters Services has options for Higher Value Residential projects, and Low Rise Commercial, Churches and Schools, only where Approved Product Lines are going to be used.
  • Please note that some products are not included as they either cannot meet the life expectancy (stains etc) clause, or carry warranties relating to the specialised installation (waterproofing etc).
  • For the sake of clarity, no Roof Coatings are covered under any of these warranty products.
  • The documentation for the Pay As You Go guarantees must be filled in and forwarded to Master Painters Services for completion or response prior to the commencement of any work.
  • Where a fee is required, it is the contracting member's responsibility to pay the fee associated with the Guarantee to Master Painters Services.
  • For the Higher Value and Commercial options to become effective confirmation from Master Painters Services must be completed, and all work relating to the contract paid for in full.
  • The Guarantee is transferable from a builder/developer or client to the next owner of a residence. There is a process to follow to register such a change.
  • The Guarantee, once issued, does not absolve the member from their normal responsibilities in respect to standards of workmanship and rectification.
  • The Guarantee does not negate consumer rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993.
  • The key point of difference is that, should your contractor cease trading for any reason, the workmanship is still covered by this document.

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